Providing free medicine to deserving patients!


Our Mission

PWA Gujrat is the symbol of services to deserving patients in Pakistan. We are the registered charitable organization under Trust Act of Pakistan.

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Funding Procedure

Our patients are predominantly from the rural and poorer area with virtually hardly access to medical facilities.

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PWA Apeal

The deserving patients are on the increase and consequently more patients call for more funds.

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Muhammad Ijaz, President, Patient Welfare Association, Aziz Bhatti shaheed hospital Gujrat


I am pleased to share my heart felt feelings with the people in general and the donors of the Patient Welfare Association in particular that Patient Welfare Association Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital Gujrat has become very established support for the needy patients because they can get medicines free of charge without going through the undue formalities. The pleasure and the prayers of the deserving patients are the real reward for volunteers of PWA . I got involved in PWA at random and initially I did not expect the organization to deliver to the needy patients to such an extent. I think that Allah blessed us strength and spirit to spend out of which He had given us and steadfastness to continue service to humanity to earn His pleasure. Today I feel it is my real success and earning which is going to benefit me in the life hereafter and I also feel the same for others involved in PWA. Let us not forget that we all are accountable to Allah for all our actions and words on the day of judgement. I wish we continue serving the deserving people with strong faith and enhanced spirit. Thanks.

Message of DC Gujrat

Islamic teachings enjoin upon us to care for the forlorn and the distressed individually and collectively. Patient Welfare Association Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital Gujrat is the unique example of collective efforts to alleviate financial difficulties of the needy patients. Not only this forum has mobilized the whole community of Gujrat to be considerate for others but also it has promoted the sociability, camaraderie and benevolence among the people. In fact the vision and commitment of leading people in Patient Welfare Association Gujrat has made it a very prestigious, trustworthy and credible non-governmental organization. I cannot help congratulating and appreciating the administration of this organization Message of DCO for the continuous and regular support to the deserving patients and transparent management of funds to enjoy the trust of the donors.

Muhammad Ali Randhawa

Message of DPO Gujrat

Doubtlessly the work of Patient Welfare Association Gujrat is exceptional as regards its delivering to the needy patients, earning trust of the philanthropists and steadfastness in contacting and persuading the people to contribute for the right cause. Basically it is the Islamic spirit which inspires the believers not to be indifferent to the needs of the poor. However the formation and running of a charity institution like Patient Welfare Association Gujrat calls for vision, sincerity of purpose and involvement of the prosperous class of the society. The Patient Welfare Association has proved itself as role model for the non-governmental welfare organizations. It has rendered very tangible services to the needy on merit and has earned public trust which is pre-requisite to raising funds to serve the deserving.

Sohail Zafar Chatha 

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