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Patient Welfare Association Gujrat

The development of a country depends upon its healthy and educated people. The education enables the individual not only to support himself but also to contribute to the well being of the society. Health care is even more important than education because without healthy body and mind one can do nothing. Every welfare state provides health care facilities to its maximum so that in case of need the people avail of the facilities. Unfortunately Pakistan lags far behind both in providing health facilities and running of the institutions efficiently. Consequently the sufferings of the people have multiplied. Not to mention of the price of the medicine the common man can not afford to consult a specialist doctor in case of illness. Lack of treatment on the part of the sick due to poverty and high prices adds to social and political anxiety and pessimism among the people of our dear homeland.

Regardless how the state institutions are being governed Islamic teachings inspire us to help the needy. Some God fearing and considerate men set up Patient Welfare Association (Registered) Aziz Bhatti Shaheed hospital Gujrat far back in 1974. Initially the association helped the most needy people because of its limited resources but, with the passage of time, the transparency in the use of funds and sevices to the poor made more and more donors involved to expand the services to more and more people who deserve. At the moment Patient welfare Association Gujrat is giving very easy access to the deserving patients to get free medicines and also facilitating Hospital Administration in a long way. It has so far supported the Patients with medicines worth .