Medicine Purchasing and Delivery Process

It is the ABSH administration which suggests and recommends to Patients Welfare Association Gujrat which medicines are to be purchased. The association invite quotations from the wholesale suppliers of good repute from Gujrat and Lahore.

In the presence of President of the association the purchase committee opens the sealed quotations and assesses the prices. The MS of ABSH and Pharmacist verifies the name of the medicine and its manufacturer. Supply orders are sent to selected parties to check the quality and prices of the medicines. On the receipt of medicines in ABSH Gujrat the pharmacist verifies the quality with his signature and stamp. All medicines are stored in air conditioned rooms of the association and some of the medicines are kept in refrigerator to maintain their specific temperature.

For indoor patients the signature of an in-charge nurse and for the outdoor patients signature of the doctor are essential to submit the medical prescription to Pharmacist and get approval from Ch Muhammad saleem, the patron in chief of the association, or Joint Secretary Khadim Ali Khadim who sanctions free delivery of medicine with their signature and stamp. Whatever is given to the deserving patient in the form of a tablet, capsule or injection it is recorded and audited. The record of the medicine given to a patient is kept for two years. Most poor patients suffer from TB and epilepsy. So all the TB and epilepsy patients in ABSH Gujrat are provided a complete course of medicines free of charge. Similarly in emergency Heart patients are given free injection worth of more than Rs. 5000 in the market. The deserving heart patients are given free injections and medicines which are very expensive in the open market.